I’m terrified Kim Jong-un will chop me up – however he can go to hell, says North Korean defector

I’m terrified Kim Jong-un will chop me up – but he can go to hell, says North Korean defector

A NORTH Korean defector has revealed how she fears Kim Jong-un will attempt have her killed – however that received’t cease her taking over the evil tyrant’s ruthless regime.

Yeonmi Park, 27, a human rights activist, informed The Solar On-line she believes she has been on the dictator’s “goal checklist” for years and worries she’ll be assassinated like Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


Yeonmi Park fled North Korea and now works as a human rights activist[/caption]


Yeonmi Park loves her new life within the US away from the ruthless Kim[/caption]

In 2007, she escaped North Korea by paying human traffickers to smuggle her out after her cancer-stricken dad was thrown in one of many sinister regime’s hellish focus camps.

Now dwelling in Chicago, Yeonmi bravely speaks out in opposition to the murderous Kim dynasty – and likens the despot to Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

However she fears the ruthless Kim could also be nonetheless searching for a technique to kill her after the regime branded her an “enemy of the folks” – worrying she could also be killed like Khashoggi, who was chopped up by assassins in Istanbul.

Yeonmi, who has safety guards defending her at public occasions, informed The Solar On-line: “I’ve been on the goal checklist of Kim Jong-un for a lot of, a few years and I fear they’ll attempt to kill me.

“I get hacked. I get threats on a regular basis.”

Talking of her life in North Korea, she described seeing folks mendacity lifeless on the streets, witnessing public executions, and being brainwashed to imagine the regime may learn her ideas.

Yeomi says a number of generations of her household have been punished by the regime as a result of she and her mom fled.

She informed The Solar On-line: “North Korea publicly denounced me as an enemy of my folks and punished all my kinfolk.

“They’ve this responsible by affiliation coverage they usually go after three generations of your loved ones or as much as eight generations of your loved ones.

“I’m unsure whether or not they all had been jailed or some had been killed however they had been all punished.”


Yeonmi Park fears Kim Jong-un will attempt to homicide her on US soil[/caption]


Yeonmi now lives in Chicago and speaks out in opposition to the Kim regime[/caption]

Describing seeing folks starved to loss of life whereas rising up contained in the hermit kingdom, she informed The Solar On-line: “Seeing lifeless folks on the street – it’s like on a regular basis life.

“I used to be born on the finish of the 1993. The regime stopped giving meals to the folks.

“Three million folks died from 1995 to 1998. It’s one of many world’s worst man-made famines in historical past.

“It was simply regular life for me. I didn’t assume that life might be completely different.”


The 27-year-old stated the regime executed folks in public as a method of placing worry into its brainwashed residents.

She stated: “They require the kids to go the general public executions and they might make us sit on the entrance as a result of we’re shorter than the adults.

“The that means of our lives just isn’t fulfilling our potential as people however fulfilling the potential of the get together.

“The general public educations is an excellent training for the kids to be fearful and to not do the issues hat are forbidden by the regime. That’s why the brainwashing begins very early on for the kids.”


Kim Jong-un is believed to have ordered the assassination of his half-brother in Malaysia[/caption]


North Koreans are brainwashed from delivery and taught to worship the Kim dynasty[/caption]

North Korea was fashioned within the aftermath of World Warfare II underneath the dictatorship of Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung who remains to be worshipped as a god within the nation.

Folks within the rogue state are fed propaganda from delivery and taught to worry their authorities, a one-party state propped up by the Chinese language Communist Social gathering.

North Koreans are even banned from travelling to completely different components of the nation and, based on Yeonmi, don’t even know that the web exists.

When the defector was younger, she was taught to imagine that Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un’s father, may learn her thoughts.

She stated: “North Korea is a faith. We’re informed that Kim is a god and that he is aware of what you might be pondering and what number of hairs are in your head.

“It’s the solely nation which talks about ‘thought crime’ – even pondering is against the law.”

Yeonmi says children are pressured to observe public executions

After fleeing her hellish existence, Yeonmi first settled in South Korea earlier than shifting to the US the place she has develop into a revered human rights activist.

However her outspoken views on the regime have made her a goal for the Kim regime and she or he lives in worry that the dictator will attempt to homicide her.

Yeonmi says the loss of life of Khashoggi – who was murdered within the Saudi embassy in Istanbul – exhibits dictators aren’t held accountable after they kill folks overseas.

She stated: “Once I see Jamal Khashoggi – a revered journalist – get chopped up abroad like Turkey and different nations don’t do something.

“There is no such thing as a accountability for killing somebody – although he was a excessive profile journalist.”

Kim’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam was murdered in a Malaysian airport
North Koreans nonetheless worship Kim Il-sung and his son and successor Kim Jong-il

The North Korean regime has carried out assassinations on international soil earlier than.

In 2017, Kim Jong-un’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam was murdered in a Malaysian airport utilizing a nerve agent.

It’s broadly believed he was killed on the orders of the dictator as a result of he nonetheless had a declare to the throne.

But regardless of the risk, the defector stays defiant as she desires to inform folks in regards to the horrors of the regime – and the way Kim could also be overwhelmed.

Describing how little the nation’s individuals are informed in regards to the outdoors world, she stated: “Most North Korean folks have by no means seen a map of the world.

“They don’t even know that the web exists. They don’t even have electrical energy.

“I didn’t know what Africa and Europe was. I didn’t know what completely different races had been. We’re informed the calendar begins when the primary king was born.

“We’re informed that we’re a part of the Kim Il-sung race. I didn’t even know I used to be Asian.”